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Wallpaper installer in Sydney

Wallpapering Feature Walls in Sydney

We can offer CUSTOM WALLPAPER MURALS that you can create with your own photos.
We hang wallpaper & Wall Murals in Sydney for all residential homes as well as doing office fit outs, shops, Hotels,Pubs & commercial interiors.
We can source most wallpapers to save you the hassle.
We love Wallpapering Feature Walls installer in Sydney.
We can even offer a Magnetic Wallpaper Liner
Magnetic Wallpaper is amazing. Imagine it under a world map mural? It is a special grey wall liner that has ferrous particles in the material to make it receptive to magnets. It is pasted to the wall and then covered with wallpaper making your wall magnetic, just like a fridge door!

To many people wallpaper feature walls conjures up painful flashbacks of your grandmother’s avocado-colored, paisley print.Thankfully those days are long gone, rapid advances in digital, photo and printing techniques mean that we should really be talking about wall coverings rather than Wall Murals, these technological developments are producing an even greater variety of styles and designs that not only look stunning, are very innovative & will often last up to 15 years.view our Sydney Home wallpaper feature wall design ideas and photos in the gallery portfolio.Wallpaper looks stunning alongside paint as a feature wall.we service in Sydney region.Modern Wall Murals are very sleek and stylish.They features fresh colors, textures and patterns. You won’t find any psychedelic sunflowers or over-the-top, pastel garden prints (unless you look very hard!)..I’ve been very busy wallpapering Pubs, Rsl Clubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Offices & as well as Feature Walls in Private residences in Sydney.

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Wallpaper hanging or installer in Sydney

Wallpaper hanging is back in style – with a vengeance here in Sydney,Australia. Interior designers never really stopped using wallpaper installers help to add interest and style to a room, but consumers largely turned away from it in the 1990s in favor of neutral color schemes and flat paint.The fashion for white walls and minimalist décor has held sway for a number of years, but now leading European interior designers are predicting the era is ending with a return to the intricate, slightly decadent opulence of earlier times. One indication of this is the growing demand for wallpaper installers in Sydney,Australia right now. Need a helping hand hanging your new wallpaper? We are a Professional wallpaper installers in Sydney.Only in the last year or two have we started to embrace a modern version of Wall Murals, recognizing some of its advantages over paint. we are a  fully qualified Wallpaper Installer in Sydney.

The inventor of modern wallpaper is generally considered to be Jean-Michel Papillon, a French engraver, who worked in the late 17th century. Wallpaper came to Sydney,Australia at the turn of the 19th century in an inevitable imitation of European fashions.

We Wallpaper installers in Sydney can really add so much more depth, warmth & a new dimension to your room, be it a wall mural, a textured or a patterned paper.With so much choice it is easy to be confused so please contact us & will be happy to offer assistance.

The way we use wallpapering in Sydney has changed a lot. Instead of papering an entire room, it’s common to use wallpaper as an accent for a single wall, a bathroom, a hallway or even a ceiling. Using wallpaper in Sydney area sparingly creates depth and interest without overwhelming a space. Of course, if find a print you love and you’re bold enough to cover the entire room, by all means, go for it.

Modern wallpapers are so much easier to use, some don’t even need paste (they come with an adhesive backing). It is lighter, and it goes up easier. More importantly, it’s much easier to remove. (We all have horror stories about spending days scraping wallpaper, right?)
Recently many interior designers have chosen many new modern wallpapers & Wall Murals in all sorts of environments. We offer services throughout Sydney area.

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